Maximize the yield of your lands

Support clean energy and protect the environment

Photovoltaics is a reliable and highly returnable source of energy.

Using solar energy, we approach the future responsibly and ecologically.  You too can become our important partner in the renewable energy projects and ensure yourself a stable and long-term income.

Benefits of land exploitation for a solar power plant construction and of co-operation with us:
  • Regular, guaranteed income for the period of 25+5 years
  • Preserving the quality of soil, solar power plant does not impair its value
  • Effective utilization of the land which would otherwise be left fallow
  • We ensure the entire process, including administration
  • Support of clean, green energy and renewable sources
Land, to be suitable for solar power plant construction, must meet many criteria, such as, for example:
  • 10 and more uninterrupted acres of soil
  • Flat terrain, with a maximum slope of the land of
    6 %
  • Without wetlands or rare fauna and flora species
  • Near built infrastructure – electrical wiring with enough spare power capacity
  • No real burdens
  • With public road
  • Good solar radiation

Do you want to assess, if your land is suitable for solar power plant?


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