Innovative technologies

The field of using renewable sources is developing quickly and we are aiming at converting innovative technologies into economically viable projects.

We develop, test and implement them in our business.

Thus, our projects, being implemented or planned, move obtaining of energy from renewable sources a step forward and open also the ways that have not been thinkable before.

We offer different types of solution:

BESS (Battery energy storage systems)
  • Large-scale battery energy storage systems
  • Ensure a steady supply of power
  • Ensure the availability of power in off-grid areas
  • Allow to combine different sources according to their optimal use in given time, including the sale or purchase of power in peak load or base load

We offer different types of solution:

  • On-grid plus batteries (solar power plant with grid-powered connection and battery)
  • Off-grid (“insular” solar power plant without grid-powered connection) with battery
Bifacial solar panels
  • Increase the production of power by approximately 10 %.
  • Use reflected and diffuse radiation to increase the output of solar modules.
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