SOLEK HOLDING SE established in 2010, SOLEK Group specializes in renewable and sustainable energy. An innovator in solar power, SOLEK Group develops, builds, operates, owns and maintains numerous power plants throughout Europe and Latin America.


experience in the
renewable energy sector

288 +

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power plants

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until end of 2028

The SOLEK Group, founded by Czech entrepreneur Zdeněk Sobotka, stands as a global leader in photovoltaic energy production and supply since its establishment in 2010. Renowned for innovation in renewable and sustainable energy, SOLEK develops, builds, owns, and operates (IPP) solar power plants across Europe and Latin America. It also actively maintains a diverse portfolio of PV plants it owns and is owned by third-party clients.

Chile serves as a focal point for SOLEK's operations, managing nearly 40 photovoltaic power plants with a total capacity exceeding 250 MW. Expanding strategically, SOLEK is venturing into new European markets such as Romania, France, Spain, Serbia, Greece, and the Balkans while maintaining a strong presence in Latin America, recently making successful strides in Colombia.

Driven by a commitment to green energy solutions, SOLEK continually seeks to diversify its portfolio. Exploring new frontiers, the company is actively involved in developing floating photovoltaic power plants, agrovoltaics, battery storage (including CO2 batteries), hybrid projects, wind farms, green hydrogen, and green ammonia.

Recognizing solar energy as both an environmental choice and an investment opportunity, SOLEK employs various financing strategies. Corporate bond programs with stable returns, fund financing, and bank financing, coupled with the trust of leading global investors and banks, underscore the financial strength of SOLEK's projects.

In a landmark move, SOLEK secured an agreement in 2021 with financial giants BlackRock and Nala Renewables for the construction and operation (O&M) of 2 portfolio PV projects in Chile. Additionally, it secured financing from Natixis investment bank and CIFI for the construction of its own portfolio of projects also in Chile.

Notably, in May 2023, SOLEK entered the major United States Private Placement market (USPP) with the issuing of a USD 178 million, 20-year investment bond in New York, confirming its attractiveness to international investors. BNP Paribas and Natixis acted as lead arrangers and placement agents of the transaction and have had strong demand from investors, confirming the attractiveness of SOLEK's assets and the market's confidence in its long-term plans. The funds will finance the construction of SOLEK's 284 MW Chilean portfolio, which is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2024.

After the relaunch of its activities in Europe in 2020, SOLEK is currently present in 9 countries, developing a portfolio of Solar, Storage, and Hybrid projects. It currently manages a pipeline of more than 1200 MW, of which more than 500 MW are in an advanced stage of development. We expect to launch the construction of the first European projects in 2024.



Construction of wind and green hydrogen projects.

Operating in 14 countries.


Business target to be established in 6 new countries.

Business target of a total installed capacity of 500 MW (Chile).


The deal with BlackRock up to 200MW power plants.

The deal with Natixis for the loan about USD 85 million.

The mission of 100 MW of SOLEK´s power plant completed.

Construction of the first project in Cyprus.



SOLEK Group became one of the top 3 PV developers in PMGD Scheme in Chile.

The total installed capacity of 40 MW in Chile completed.

The entry into the Cyprus, Greece and Hungary market.


The acquisition of PV Power company.

Total installed capacity of 9 MW (Chile).


The divestment of European assets.
Entry into the Latin American market´s (Chile).


Entry into the Romanian market, installed capacity of 8,5 MW.
Entry into the Slovak market, installed capacity of 1 MW.



SOLEK HOLDING SE is established.

Total installed capacity of 1,6 MW in Czech Republic.

SOLEK is your partner in renewable and sustainable energy, guiding you through investment, development, construction and operation.

Zdeněk Sobotka | Group CEO, Founder & Owner

Visionary and experienced entrepreneur in the field of renewable energy. Founder of the Chilean-Czech Chamber of Commerce. Zdeněk has invested heavily in global photovoltaic projects since 2009 in operations across Europe and Latin


Concern of the SOLEK Group

The company SOLEK HOLDING SE, with the registered seat at Voctářova 2449/5, Libeň, 180 00 Prague 8, Company ID: 292 02 701, registered at Commercial Register kept by Municipal Court in Prague, Section H, Insert 218, as the managing entity and the head of the concern, forms a concern group with the managed entities in attached document.

This notification is made in accordance with the provisions of Section 79, Paragraph 3 of Czech Act No. 90/2012 Coll., on Business Corporations, as amended.