SOLEK already implemented nearly 40 photovoltaic power plants with a total capacity exceeding 250 MW.

Our Solar Parks actively contribute to the production of safe and clean energy of the future. They represent one of the most environment-friendly and cost-effective ways of producing electricity, in which no CO2 emissions are released into the atmosphere.

The efficiency and energy yields of our projects are highly predictable. We focus on the areas with the highest solar radiation, and regional differentiation is also particularly advantageous. Each of our power plants is always adapted to local conditions. We implement the most modern technologies of solar panels, by placing them on rotating structures we use sunlight even more efficiently throughout the day.

Wider use of photovoltaics and maximization of production, together with an efficient system of operation and maintenance, has a positive impact on the environment, helps reduce global warming and enables us to provide long-term and stable returns to our investors.

Amparo del Sol, Chile
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