Our services include the development, construction, operation and maintenance of solar power plants. Apart from the turn-key solar park we offer individual services separately, too.

Solar Power Plant construction process

Feasibility study
Investment assessment, Technical study, ROI, DIA, Risk management
Technology selection
Hybrid, Off-grid, On-grid, State-of-the-art technology
Design engineering
Project design, Electrical design, Mechanical design, Civil design
Complete EPC
All necessary investment, Engineering, Design, Purchasing, Project management, Construction
Continuous monitoring, Regular reporting, Upgrade recommendations, Service, Corrective maintenance, Preventive maintenance
Rooftop Power Plants

With our many years of experience with large solar park projects, we are also building photovoltaic power plants for commercial buildings. We also offer solutions for when the sun is not shining to store excess energy with an electric battery or hot water storage tank.


We select the ideal technology, secure all permits, and prepare project documentation in accordance with the legislation of the country. Before starting construction, we carry out a detailed analysis of the investment plan and its effectiveness. We also evaluate the suitability and long-term stability of the local conditions.

EPC (Design, Procurement and Construction)

Services are just a part of a complex process – from development and construction to the operation and maintenance of solar power plants. We're ready to provide you all necessary investments, engineering, design, purchasing, project management and construction.

O&M (Operation and Maintenance Service)

Efficient management of the solar portfolio. We provide regular maintenance, monitoring of power plants and service for maximum performance of solar power plants. We maintain the plants in this way, both on our own and as a service to other plant owners. We also offer solar panel cleaning, both as part of the overall operation and as a separate service.