Our services include the development, construction, operation and maintenance of solar power plants. Apart from the turn-key solar park we offer individual services separately, too.

The projects are financed from our own resources or in partnership with investors from the Czech Republic or from the countries where the project is being implemented. For that purpose, we have established a qualified investor fund SICAV SOLEK, consisting of our own financial resources and the contributions of investors and banks, investing in the solar power plants all around the world.

Photovoltaic power plant construction process

Feasibility study
Investment assessment, Technical study, ROI, DIA, Risk management
Technology selection
Hybrid, Off-grid, On-grid, State-of-the-art technology
Design engineering
Project design, Electrical design, Mechanical design, Civil design
Complete EPC
All necessary investment, Engineering, Design, Purchasing, Project management, Construction
Continuous monitoring, Regular reporting, Upgrade recommendations, Service, Corrective maintenance, Preventive maintenance

The project preparation before its implementation, especially in photovoltaic power plants, is essential. Before the construction is started, we perform a detail analysis of the investment purpose and effectiveness. Further we evaluate the suitability and long-term stability of local conditions. We ensure all licences, permissions and other documents in conformity with legislation in force of a given country. We select suitable technology and elaborate the project documentation.


Our extensive experience in photovoltaic power plant construction allow us to guarantee the highest standards in every detail of the project. We use the state-of-the-art technologies. Each of the power plants, we have built, is maximally adjusted to the specific conditions of given area, to ensure the highest possible effectiveness of its operation.

Operation and maintenance

To maintain the performance of the photovoltaic power plants, a careful continuous care is essential. We conduct the maintenance, repairs, provide and manage the operating personnel, prepare necessary documentation and manage relationships with public, regulative authorities, insurance companies, suppliers and other subjects.

Cleaning of solar panels

Keeping the panels clean is an indivisible part of care of PVP.  We use the SunBrush mobil solar cleaning system technology, using a hydraulic brush roller fixed on a specially adjusted tractor. By this, we are saving time, personnel and costs. There is no risk of scratching the panels, the system adjusts to all constructions, including sun-tracking panels. We offer the cleaning as a part of entire operation, or as a separate service.